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TransMed’s initial technology was developed in a translational research lab in 2002 to support biomarker and drug discovery. The core technology evolution was driven by requirements from TransMed’s customers in the translational research community. Principal investigators and their research team are enabled to explore all aspects of their integrated data, identify cohorts of patients and samples, develop custom reports, perform a broad spectrum of statistical analyses all without dependence on a data analyst.

In addition to pre-configured reports, TransMed’s Cohort Reporter enables users to specify and generate custom reports using any data element loaded into the repository.

Project specific data can be easily imported in the suite of tools by a project team. Additionally, cohort based data sets can be exported to external analysis tools such as SAS or SPSS

TransMed’s collaborative environment enables research teams to control who can see what data, reports, and analyses and specify whether each individual can view the data in identified or de-identified mode.

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