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TransMed’s low-touch deployment process is designed to minimize the impact to a client’s IT infrastructure and limits utilization of IT staff during implementation. We eliminate any client investment in IT capitol by providing a pre-configured network appliance deployed within the client’s network. TransMed’s implementation team performs all data extraction and de-identification exclusively on the supplied network appliance.

TransMed’s patented IP for integrating data from disparate source systems is pre-configured on the appliance. With over a decade of experience performing healthcare data integration our implementation team possesses subject matter expertise with clinical oncology and genomic data sets. We possess both the domain knowledge and scientific knowledge necessary to curate a high-integrity precision medicine knowledge base.

The network appliance is deployed with adaptors to extract data from EMRs, Lab Information Systems, Bio banking systems, and other relevant source systems. TransMed accelerates time to value by streamlining the data extraction effort through by performing adaptor configurations instead of developing traditional ETL.

Your institution’s PHI remains accessible by your clinical team as identified data. We manage HIPAA compliancy by not sharing PHI from other institutions used for statistical analysis of outcomes across the consortium.

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