Contract Research Organizations

As clinical trial outsourcing to CRO’s continues to increase, competition among CROs is becoming fierce, and sponsors are under pressure to do more with less. To respond, experienced CROs understand they must exploit every opportunity to gain a competitive edge. And, while technology can be a key differentiator, simply being “data-driven” is not enough to win studies. CROs must find consistent and predictable methods to accelerate clinical trial recruitment.

Accelerating Clinical Trial Recruitment

Successfully enrolling patients in oncology clinical trials has been a historical bottleneck in the drug development process. The most time-consuming element of enrolling patients in clinical trials is matching the clinical and molecular characteristics of patients to the eligibility requirements of the clinical trial. Historically, this has been a largely manual process that consumes up to eighty-percent of the daily work of the clinical trials staff. And in community practices that participate in clinical trials, this is often work done in addition to the staff member’s full-time job.

As a result of this and other factors, less than five-percent of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. TransMed has developed a multi-faceted solution to directly address these challenges and help CROs win more studies.

  • At the core of the solution is the TransMed Consortium – a technology-enabled clinical oncology research network that helps clinical trial sponsors and CROs quickly and efficiently design new trials and accrue patients to their current trials.

  • Complementing the Consortium network is a unique suite of clinical trials support applications designed to automate the vast majority of the process of matching patients to trials.

TransMed’s knowledge-empowered precision medicine platform has been uniquely architected to help CRO’s easily access and understand both real-time patient data and de-identified population data in support of complex clinical trial feasibility, planning and execution processes. This platform is capable of ingesting data from most electronic medical records (EMR) systems, practice management systems, lab information systems, molecular diagnostics results systems, cancer registries and bio-banks. TransMed’s patented data science allows TransMed data scientists to identify anomalies in the ingested data sets as they compare to national reference data. Inferences can be made and notated as derived data points that assist in visualizing an entire health encounter for a given patient or an entire population. This highly-specialized data set is ideal to screen for matches for potentially eligible patients for clinical trials, based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Most importantly, the TransMed platform serves as a single source of truth that presents real-world evidence to help CROs and Providers collaborate to facilitate patient identification, screening, consent and retention. The result – more successful clinical trial recruitment.

Knowledge-Empowered Precision Medicine Capabilities
Disruptive technology changing the way clinical trials are executed Deliver real-world evidence to users, in real-time, by providing a single-source-of-truth about eligible and available patients
A robust and growing community oncology practice network to expand CRO outreach Superior data quality and completeness through NLP-based data science and enrichment techniques
A suite of stakeholder-aligned apps to facilitate collaboration between CROs and Providers Real-time data federation provides timely updates to patient and population data
Support for finding the right sites and accelerating site selection Dynamically assess protocol feasibility

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