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TransMed’s actionable oncology decision support tools leverage a multi-institutional data set composed of demographic, clinical, genomic, treatment, and patient outcome data. Oncologists now have an innovative capability to identify a Patients Like Me cohort for an individual patient. Clinicians can isolate the cohort by primary site, histology, stage, gender as well as genomic profile of a specific patient.

Precision Medicine reports generated from TransMed’s Clinical Action REpository (CARE) include historical survival times, mortality rates, severe adverse effects, and complications for each treatment modality within the Patients Like Me cohort. Prognostic, longitudinal, and retrospective analysis is presented using integrated clinical, genomic and outcome data.

Patients Like Me reports identify candidate clinical trials based on the disease condition and genomic profile of a patient. Clinicians can navigate from the PLM report to a clinical trial detail to assess the feasibility of a specific patient’s participation in the trial.

Our solution leverages treatment data to identify both efficacious and non-efficacious drug treatments for patients with the same mutations as your patient. Additionally, it specifies whether ot not the drug is approved for your patient’s specific diagnosis, as well as whether or not it has been approved for any cancer treatment.

Value is realized immediately as your practice can leverage aggregate outcome data for specific treatments from other institutions prior to loading data from your institution. Patient counts, median survival, mortality rates, and complications are provided for each treatment.

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